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Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Company Limited(08095)

Characteristics of GEM
Expected timetable
Glossary of technical terms
Risk factors
Waivers from compliance with the GEM Listing Rules
Information about this prospectus and the Placing
Directors and parties involved in the Placing
Corporate information
Industry overview
Relevant PRC laws and regulations relating to the industry
Statement of active business pursuits


Statement of business objectives
Directors, supervisors, management and staf
Relationship with Peking University
Substantial shareholders, initial management shareholders and significant shareholders
Share capital
Financial information
Structure and conditions of the Placing
Appendix I : Accountants' report
Appendix II : Property valuation
Appendix III : Summary of relevant PRC and Hong Kong laws and regulations
Appendix IV : Summary of the articles of association
Appendix V : Statutory and general information
Appendix VI : Documents delivered to the Registrar of Companies and available for inspection

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Public Documents and Circulars
·18/07/2002 Circular (Dis. tran.-Relating to Placing of New H Sh.)
·31/12/2001 Circular (Major trans. : Proposed invest. in SMIC))
·08/10/2000 Subdivision of H shares and change in lot size


Financial report

·Articles of Association (2012)
·Code of Corporate Governance 2008
·The responsibility of the board of directors
·Code of Conduct for Securities Transactions by Directors of the Company
·Code of Discipline
·Scope of The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
·Scope of The Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors
·Distinction the role of The Chairman and General Manager
·Procedures to propose a person for election as a director
·List of Directors and Their Role and Function


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